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Pop Star

Pop Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This blog is in part the story of a semi-fictional character Pop-Star, who entered the post-work era at the end of the last millennium.

Pop-Star remembers the year well. It was famous as the year of the millennium bug, known in abbreviated form as Y2K. Up until then computers had used a two digit abbreviation for the four digits of the year. What would happen when we entered a new millennium?

Doomsday predictions that computers (including those on board airlines) would crash due to the date ambiguity of a new millennium, proved groundless, and life continued on without misshap. However to avoid a problem most businesses had at great cost, invested in new computer systems, for the new millennium.

For Pop-Star it was also the right time to retire the old. His work era belonged to the old millennium. Now it was time for him to move into a new millennium, the post-work era.

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