Posted in 2009 – D-Day revisited… June 6, 2014

We must never forget the enormous cost of war, and the debt we owe those who sacrificed their own lives.

Lest We Forget

Still something to ponder about when you see some people laying wreath on this day of rememberance…

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I stumbled on this last month

It was an article on a blog.

June 6, 2009

June 6: A walk across a beach in Normandy


Today your job is straightforward. First you must load 40 to 50 pounds on your back. Then you need to climb down a net of rope that is banging on the steel side of a ship and jump into a steel rectangle bobbing on the surface of the ocean below you. Others are already inside the steel boat shouting and urging you to hurry up.

Once in the boat you stand with dozens of others as the boat is driven towards distant beaches and cliffs through a hot hailstorm of bullets and explosions. Boats moving nearby are, from time to time, hit with a high…

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