Benefit or Burden? Coming to terms with ageing Britain

Society tends to see ageing from the “burden perspective”. Why not think of “”Life After Work” as a resource?

Age at Work

This was the title of a debate hosted yesterday evening by the British Academy, the first in a series of debates on the ‘big issues’ of the day, in this case, population ageing. The idea is to look behind the stereotypes at the academic evidence with the focus being on public engagement.

Those who follow us on twitter will probably have noticed that we ‘live tweeted’ headlines from the event (and probably don’t want to hear any more about it, we had to go for cocktails afterwards to recover). For those who didn’t attend or follow the twitter stream, there were 4 speakers:

Professor Alan Walker (University of Sheffield) who talked about the role of political choice in determining public spending in a society which tends to see ageing from the ‘burden perspective’ and the need to tackle the structural lag which sees, for example, employment policies lagging some…

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Kale, Quinoa, Avocados, Oh My!

Vivienne's Process of Elimination

Ever since David C. Owen first arrived on my doorstep a year ago, I’ve made the care and feeding of visiting pole artists and instructors my thing.

After all, I want them to love Boulder and the studio so much that they are dying to come back after they tell all their friends.

Tracee Kafer recently stayed with me and, as always, I inquired about what she likes to eat. Without even asking I knew the answer: veggies, kale, nuts, lean meat, very little dairy, no refined grains, sugar, blah, blah, blah.

I whipped this little beauty up for her dinner after teaching workshops all day. I had her at hello.


She was all, “You complete me.”


Not really, but I know that she was grateful for a good meal.

Totally loves me now. Totally loves me now.

David told me about a workshop/performance weekend where he was fed nothing but bar food…

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