Pop-Star’s No 2 Grandson Finishes High School on a grand note

A little “smiler” with a sense of humour, but a determined competitor never-the-less.

He is no longer Ryan’s arm-rest.

Although easy-going he has a serious side to his nature, listens carefully to his teachers, and works assiduously to make good grades.

His attitude really paid-off for him in this year’s matriculation results. He achieved straight As or Very High Achievement marks, coming third in his year,  winning a scholarship for entry into Griffith University for a degree in Media studies.

He did catch this, but with a little help from Dad.

He did catch this, but with a little help from Dad.

His skills extend into non academic pursuits such as fishing and sport, with some help from Dad and Ryan, while he also has a creative flair derived no doubt from his lovely Mum Sue.


Now he is turning his talents to the stage, here as a Charlie Chaplin look-alike.IMG_3742

Guess who has been his mentor! You guessed. None other than his famous grand-dad Pop-Star.  Long ago Jarrod learned to laugh at his jokes.

Jarrod and his family taken a few years ago when the boys were still at school.

Now it is Pop-Star who is the one in need not only of coaching, but also of being kept in order.

A boy no more

A boy no more

I’m sure you will enjoy seeing how he seeks revenge for his friend’s cutting criticism and theft of his bike.

A production from Jarrod’s “Little Cactus Films”

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