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Esther Chilton

Homophone Headache!

Yesterday in my writing exercise for you, I asked you to spot ten deliberate mistakes in a page of text. One of the mistakes was a homophone (aloud/allowed) where the words sound the same but have a different meaning. It’s so easy to type the wrong word but always look at the context the word is written in. Here are some common homophones:

  • too/to/two
  • there/their/they’re
  • break/brake
  • one/won
  • see/sea
  • poor/pour/paw
  • bear/bare
  • hire/higher
  • so/sew
  • wood/would
  • sore/saw
  • flower/flour
  • made/maid
  • hire/higher
  • pair/pear
  • sight/site

And many, many more!

Hope your weekend is as happy as this guy’s:


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