Study finds changing attitudes to retirement in US

Age at Work

A recent study conducted with funding from the Sloan Foundation, by the Associated Press-NORC Center for
Public Affairs Research of 1,024 adults ages 50 and over finds that expectations of retirement are shifting.  Many more view retirement as at best a partial exit from paid employment and look to delay full retirement.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, lack of financial security emerges as the main reason for delaying retirement.  The survey also finds that over half of those that have searched for a job in the last year found job search to be ‘moderately or very difficult’ , while 20% of those working reported some form of age discrimination in their workplace.

The survey found mixed responses regarding the issues of age at work, with these being largely sector dependent:

“Those who work or worked in professional services are most likely to consider their age an asset to their career (28 percent), outpacing the…

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