10 ways to…. a light hearted review of expert advice for older workers

Age at Work

Actually I think this post should be titled “10 ways to avoid expert advice on the internet”.

Yet again we have encountered a guide, this time via Forbes, on “10 ways to avoid being branded as old at work“.  I did a quick Google search to see if there was an equivalent for “young”, but no.  I then tried middle aged and got slightly side tracked by the Huffington’s post list (11 ways this time) for Middle-aged women (particularly since it seemed to suggest I should spend more on clothes).

So anyway here are some selected items from the Forbes list:

“1. Ditch your AOL email account”

Apparently this shows your age – does anyone really read into what comes after the @ in an email address?  But Ageatwork is in luck since apparently gmail is the ‘in’ email account.   I find it really hard to work out how…

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