Boston Marathon Bombing Reveals the Best in People and a Dark Side to Twitter

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Yesterday our nation reeled from a senseless attack on innocent people. I know here at home, we were desperately reaching out for answers. My husband had family in Boston and I had friends who were participating in the race. We were scrambling to make sure our loved ones were okay (all is fine, btw).  We mourn as a nation, as humans. We are grateful for the brave people who ran toward danger to render aid to the suffering.

There were nurses, doctors and other medical professionals participating in the marathon. Despite the fact they were at the end of running over twenty-six miles, they still dove in to assist those injured in spite of their own exhaustion and pain. Carlos Arredondo, who lost his son in Iraq, bravely jumped a security fence into a pile of fallen bodies and immediately rendered aid.

I am awed, humbled and amazed…

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Breathing for good health and weight loss


Breathing is something most of us take it for granted and it is one of the most important life sustaining energy sources. We can survive without food for few days, but can’t survive without breathing even few minutes. It is the very first act we do on coming to this world is to breathe air in to the lungs and also the last act on death is to release last breath.

Another point to note is that improper breathing practices might be contributing to several poor physical and mental health issues many people face. Our health & wellbeing to large extend depends on the quality of our breathing.

We can control breathing through conscious act and practice. Slow down your breathing and feel immediate improvement in mental calmness, clarity of thoughts and happiness. Take deep breath and feel improved energy levels.

Good breathing habits strengthen immune system, improve mental concentration…

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