How did the Pop-Stars Celebrate their Gold Anniversary?

May 19, 2013 was an important milestone for the old couple. It was their 50th wedding anniversary; a day they thought would never come. As the years passed they increasingly wondered whether they would live long enough to reach a half century together, twice as long married as they had been single.

As May approached Pop-Star proudly told others of the approaching event, thinking it was a remarkable achievement; but his pride was dented when a 92-year-old croquet playing friend responded to his boast, saying that he and his wife were about to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Remarkable!

Friends invariably wanted to know  how they were going to celebrate the occasion! Pop-Star wasn’t sure. At first he had imagined a grand “do”, with lots of well-wishing family and friends listening to him intently, as he made a grand speech with the best of his funny stories.  But he quickly discarded this  idea. He didn’t really enjoy the spotlight.

His other dilemma was the choice of a suitable gift for MPS. Some say for those who are over seventy,” if they can’t eat it, wear it, or read it, don’t give it”. An obvious choice would be a gold ring perhaps, but her engagement and wedding rings were gold. What would be the point of another? Perhaps it would be better to give her cash?

He needed guidance, and  on their own one evening  he asked her. How about a gold hand-shake for the gold anniversary? MPS was not amused. She didn’t at all like the phraseology. He had to resort to a little fast-talking to explain that it wasn’t a severance package he was offering. More like compensation for spending her best years in hard labour for her admittedly grateful husband.

As usual, she was not particularly helpful with suggestions. “Really I don’t need anything”. ” Just a nice cuddle will do”! Pop-Star kind of liked the idea, and ended the discussion on that note of intimacy. He well knew he would rather not have to wait for the “big day” to avail himself of that invitation.

How did the day turn out? Pop-Star will tell more of the story next time round.

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