Ageism in the City

I’m not sure how you can measure age discrimination in the workplace fairly ! A more important consideration is perhaps age exploitation. There are businesses that target and perhaps exploit the elderly, such as funeral benefit insurance.These are issues that are just as relevant in retirement.

Age at Work

Law firm Slater Gordon report here a study by recruitment firm Astbury Marsden that suggests age discrimination is a more widespread but less prioritised inequality issue than gender in the City of London.

The Astbury Marsden survey reported that 22% of professionals working in the City believe their employer is ‘very committed’ to tackling ageism in their workplace. This compared to 33.5% who felt their company is ‘very committed’ to tackling inequality by promoting greater gender diversity in their organisation.

More participants also said their companies prioritise the eradication of discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, disability and religion higher than inequality related to age. These issues are also said to be more likely to occur in sales and trading departments rather than in middle or back-office areas.

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