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I was in awe when legendary All Black, Sir John Kirwan came forward many years ago and spoke publicly of his panic attacks and battle with depression at the height of his career … a battle he succinctly called ‘freaking out’.

Rugby in New Zealand is essentially one of the nations major identities which unfortunately transforms these remarkably talented rugby players into faultless ‘gods’. As in most sports alcohol and drug abuse is a serious issue which I think masks many other underlying problems. The pressure men are placed under is immense, whether its expectations placed on them from others or self-induced it seems to manifests itself in several destructive and debilitating ways. As women, I think we certainly need to be more grateful and acknowledging to the roles our husbands, partners, fathers, brothers and sons fulfil in our lives. I think we need to speak appreciation and gratitude when they provide for us and share our lives. So to have such a revered, talented player and man stand up and share his battle…

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