Candid Impressions

flame lily 6.1-26

While taking this shot of a parasitic plant clinging to a tree, I found myself pondering on that universal human tendency to want to cling to things. We cling to one another, to our reputations, to our money, our opinions, our cultural and religious norms and a myriad of other stuff, and our lives become small, tight and parasitic. Not only do we begin to die inside, but our presence to others and the world around us is experienced as choking and suffocating.

I warm to people who are learning to let go in life. They are spacious people not seeking to possess and drown everything in their certainties and insecurities. Their presence encourages and enhances the freedom to be, to explore and experience. They always offer to others and their world that same gift of spaciousness they themselves live in.

flame lily 6.1-27


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