Hello world!

Most blogs are presented by the young for the young. Posts are vibrant and attractive. But the perspectives are those of the young.

Too rarely do we read articles slanted to an older audience. It is not that the old are all that much different.

We do have more time on our hands. Time to read, to write, to contemplate and enjoy.

We are likely to be free of work related worries but we are more likely to have health issues to contend with.

The young are prone to be condescending towards their older friends and relatives. They may indeed be more focused on exploiting them, and sadly this can be true within families.

The elderly want to be useful, to feel needed, to give freely of their time and expertise, but they do not wish to feel imposed upon, nor do they wish to be bossed around by their children, even although this is likely to be just a reversal of roles. They value and wish to keep their independence for as long as possible.

In common with the more youthful, we still wish to enjoy life, our family, our friends, and our home. We may be old in our bodies, but we are still young at heart.


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